Saturday, 23 May 2009

La Palme d'Or Goes to The Time That Remains

Cannes: Chopard, flashes, L'Oreal, red carpets, VIP passes and people waiting hours behind fences like cows hoping to catch a celebrity autograph... Ha, le cinéma! Glamour toujours.
Wish though, among all that pathetic amount of glitter, Elia Suleiman from the "Palestinian territories" could go back home with one of the prestigious awards.

Film's synopsis by himself
THE TIME THAT REMAINS (2009) is a semi biographic film, in four historic episodes, about a family -my family - spanning from 1948, until recent times.
The film is inspired by my father’s diaries of his personal accounts, starting from when he was a resistant fighter in 1948, and by my mother’s letters to family members who were forced to leave the country since then.
Combined with my intimate memories of them and with them, the film attempts to portray the daily life of those Palestinians who remained in their land and were labeled « Israeli-Arabs », living as a minority in their own homeland.

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As a reminder, this beautiful scene from Divine Intervention (2002)