Sunday, 22 February 2009

Trade unionist shot dead in French Carribbean

It is been a month now since a general strike started in Guadeloupe (French Carribbean). The "Committee against outrageous exploitation" (LKP) brought together fifty associations and trade unions calling for a 200 euro pay rise of the minimum wage, ie 20%. French President Nicolas Sarkozy increased his own salary of 140% in 2007 when he got elected - upgrading his annual wage from 101 488 to 240 000 euros.

In the beginning of this month, the government started negotiations. Prime Minister François Fillon refused to raise the minimum wage and Nicolas Sarkozy said about the 25 000 people demonstrating on the island: "they are desperate". And sent more gendarmes, 300.

On February 17th, a trade unionist from LKP has been shot dead as he went back from a meeting.
According to the government and the police, it is "a group of young people" who killed Jacques Bino.
Jean-Marie Nomertin, from the same union, said: "There was a red ribbon on the car which is a sign of affiliation to LKP." It is quite incomprehensible that "young people" fired the car of someone they support. He concluded : "We need to shade some light on the parts that are not clear."

Mort d'un syndicaliste: le LKP veut des explications - Nouvel Obs
Le collectif LKP qui mène le mouvement de grogne en Guadeloupe veut que toute la lumière soit faite sur les circonstances du meurtre d'un syndicaliste.