Thursday, 1 January 2009

T word, poor weather and happy new year

It happened that the first news story I read in 2009 was a piece about Gaza, written by Nidal Al-Mughrabi from Reuters: "Israel rebuffs Gaza truce call, mobilizes troops" (31/12/2008)

Sounds for Palestinians like "Happy new year under siege and bombings"!
And for the simple observer I am like a multiple-choice questionnaire between sarcasm, perplexity and indignation.

The State of Israel threatened by a group like Hamas? 
How the hell can a perfectly organized national army be threatened by some people living under the poverty line with no proper land of their own?

Again, the word "terrorism" is stifling any common sense, any attempt of rational understanding. For calling a group of people "terrorists" simply allows you to treat them as they were not a part of humanity.
"Terrorist" is a concept with no substance, it is only a political choice that makes it meaningful. In France, during the dark times of the Occupation, the Gestapo and the French police used to call "terroristes" the same people others qualified as "Résistants". 

The T word is provoking fear and all the psychological conditions that would make us consent to illegitimate violence - and subsequently give up the use of reason. 

Moreover, according to Reuters:

"The poor weather -- 'a truce imposed by God' as one Palestinian put it -- could delay any push by Israeli tanks into Gaza but forecasters predicted several days of clear skies starting late on Thursday."

Israel-Palestine is probably the only place in the world where weather forecast might be more efficient in bringing peace than UN resolutions.