Monday, 24 November 2008

Why a smart phone would never replace a smart brain and a strong stomach

Read yesterday in the Style supplement of the Sunday Times (November 23, 2008), a pathetic review by AA Gill, about a mobile phone:

"Getting a new phone is like getting a voracious Ukrainian mistress - it looks brilliant and you want to stroke it all the time, but it's high maintenance."

This sexist metaphor is served up throughout the article but a taster is enough, as the poor quality of a starter often reveals the complete failure of main dish. Gill's metaphor is actually greasy and tasteless. Though he probably thinks he is a super brave guy with a great sense of provocative humor.

The fact he is writing in a magazine published by a famous British newspaper might strengthen his illusions and impunity.
Confusing his sexual fantasies with geopolitics, Gill believes that Ukraine is a huge reserve of poor starving sexy women, presumably waiting to be saved by pompous Times journalists. Bon appétit!